Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 5 - Pictures of things that make ME happy

I'm a slacker. I know. But I am still blogging!!
Anyway, I am on Day 5 now and I am really excited about this day. I love looking back at pictures, especially ones that bring a smile to my face. Here are the pictures that make ME happy:

This is Natey and I the night that we got engaged in Hawaii. This night obviously makes me happy because it was the night that started the rest of my forever.

This picture makes me happy because it is the first time that I got to meet my beautiful niece, who is now over 2 years old! I also love this pic because all of the girls in the fam are together!

I don't know why this picture makes me laugh, because it shouldn't. Nothing like getting crapped on by the Little Miss Brookey herself. Haha :) Love ya B.

This picture makes me happy because we are clearly happy in this picture! I don't remember what we were doing other than shootin' the tube and having a GREAT time!

I get REALLY happy when my cute husband leaves me billions of sticky notes around the house telling me how great I am. He really knows when I need to hear things like that and he always knows how to brighten up my day. <3

This picture that I made makes me almost pee my pants. Is that Austin Powers, or is it my Dad?? :) hahaha.

I love my dad and the huge loser that he is :) Here is a picture of him giving Ronald McDonald a wet willy..and this picture makes me happy :) haha

This picture makes me laugh really hard because of the shorts Nate was trying on. It also makes me laugh because this picture was taken almost a year ago and just the other day Nate told me that the biggest regret of his life was not buying them! Haha.

This cheesy girl makes me happy..hahaha

Chocolate Explosions from Boston Pizza can always brighten up my day.

This picture makes me seriously laugh so hard I cry. Dupe told Jonzie not to buy an expensive jug thing for the condo in Mexico. Dupe then went to the bank leaving Lorda, Jonzie and I at this store by ourselves. As you can see through the window, the dude is carrying the big jug down due to Jonzie's purchase after Dupe left. Hahaha. Underneath is Jonzies reaction to her SWEET NEW DECORATIONNNN. If only I could zoom in and show you just her face. What a loser. hahahahha

This picture also makes me happy. I was just minding my own business floatin' the lazy river when all of a sudden my mother came up behind me and flipped me off. Hahha. Can you see her laughing in the background?? :P

This day was one of my favorites. I had so much fun jumping into that huge leaf pile under me! Thinking of this day makes me happy!!

This is the last picture that I will be putting up here today. This picture makes me happy because I am with the man I love. He is such a great guy and I am so lucky to have him for myself! I love you babe!

I am a happy person. I love to laugh and have a great time with the people I love.


  1. I'm glad I made the pictures! And chocolate explosions make me happy too. Mmmmm

  2. Hahahaha - I love the pic of Nate in those shorts! What a great weekend that was :)