Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 6 - A song that makes you cry

Alright, so there are many things that make me cry. I never really used to show too much emotion but ever since I have got married the flood gates seem to be a lot more open than usual when it comes to certain topics.

A song that has always made me cry is called "His Hands." This song just testifies to me how my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loves me so much. I just cannot imagine going through what he did. I am so thankful for his atoning sacrifice, that my mistakes can be forgiven of due to his selflessness. Here is the song:

Another song that makes me cry is "You're Gonna Miss This" By Trace Adkins. It gets me thinking of my life and how sometimes I tend to wish it away, in a sense. I am always looking forward to the future and wanting to move on with my life. I think I just need to breathe, take a few steps back, and be thankful and enjoy every step that I take in life.

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