Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 2 - Something that stresses you out

I obviously get stressed out when there is a lot of things that I NEED to be doing at one time. When there are multiple things that need to get done and I have a small window of time to do things, I tend to get super stressed. Sometimes I may be able to prevent it due to better time management, but sometimes things just all pile up at once, and it is totally out of my control! On top of all this busy work stuff that needs to get done, sometimes my house tends to mirror the stress level in my life. I usually like to keep things neat and organized, but sometimes I don't have the time or the energy to do that, especially when other things are keeping me going like a crazy lady. I CAN'T handle a messy house! It drives me bonkers. Even if I have tons to do, I can't focus on any of it if I am surrounded by mess. I just can't focus. I am stressin' right now just typing all of this stuff because the thought of it makes me go insane. :) haha. Thank goodness I have the BEST supportive husband of all time. He is amazing for me and is always willing to help me be the best me that I can. He would do anything for me and just knowing that makes me feel so Loved! He is always there to try and calm me down if I get stressed and I just love him for that. Thank you Natey! Here is a picture of my sweet husband that means the world to me:

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