Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 1 - Self portrait picture, and 15 interesting facts

I'm jumping right into this, so let me get started!!


This is me. It was kind of hard for me to find a self portrait because I really don't like taking pictures by myself, but I found one!

15 Interesting Facts:

  • I can't wait for the day that I graduate from college. I love my life as it is, but I really can not wait to move on to my next stage. I only have just over a year until that happens, so I hope this next year kind of blows by!!

  • You may be wondering what I picture in my "next stage of life." This includes starting a family. I want to be a mother so bad. I love children and simply enjoy having fun playing with them. I want 3-4 kids total. No more, no less. I at least want one of my very own baby girls. I love girls and I love the closeness that my mama and I share. I want that for me. I want a daughter who I can spoil and love, who I can talk to about anything, and who can tell me what not to wear if my fashion ever goes downhill. I also want boys! Boys are so much fun and I want to rough around with them. I am a P.E. major and have always been involved in sports, so I can't wait to be the supportive mom cheering in the stands, watching her kids have fun being active. I seriously cannot wait for the day that I get to hold my very first baby in my arms! As you can probably tell, I am very passionate about this. I could go on forever, but I feel like you get the point. :)

  • A lot of people already know this about me, but I am going to share with you anyway. It is my DREAM to hold onto a dolphins fin and get carried away as it starts swimming through the water. I also want to have 2 dolphins under me, where I stand on their nose things and get lifted up as if I'm water skiing. I don't know what it is about this whole activity, but it just seems amazing to me! One of these days, I'm going to do it! Look how much fun that lady is having :) Haha.

  • I am a HUGE family person. I love the times that I get to share with my family. I live 12 hours away from them, so I don't get to see them all of the time, but we make an effort to usually see each other once every 3-4 months. Sometimes it makes me sad to miss out on the big events that happen. My sister is having a baby in April and I am not going to be able to go up to Canada to meet my new niece. The first time that I will get to hold that new baby girl is when she will be about 3-4 months old. Thank goodness for skype!! What would I do without it? I Love everyone in my family so much! Thanks for being so freakin' awesome!

  • I absolutely love to scrapbook! When I am finished with school and buy a bigger house, I will definitely have my very own craft room. I made a scrapbook for Nate a while back, and I keep slowly adding to it. When I have more time I will get on top of all of my scrap-booking so that right when we get done with something worth remembering I will get some pictures printed and get my creativeness on. :)

  • I love being active! I am not one to sit and watch a movie because I just get tired, bored, and eventually fall asleep. I have been known to fall asleep in movie theaters :) hahaha. How embarrassing! Anyways, I have recently started playing some racquetball with my number one man and it has been so much fun! He is a lot better than me because he has played it longer. I recently just took a class on it though and learnt a bunch of different ways to serve. Let's just say sometimes Nate cannot return my new sneaky serves, and I like it :) I just love being on my feet and doing something fun and lively!

  • I HATE soggy foods. I can not handle a huge amount of milk in my cereal, because it gets too soggy before I can eat the whole bowl. Just a little bit of milk is perfect for me. I like it when you can just barely see milk in the bottom of the bowl :) I also cannot handle cookies dipped in milk because they also get soggy nasty. A few other things that I hate due to being soggy is: poached eggs with bread, not crispy enough waffles (the syrup really soaks in and turns the whole breakfast to sog) and that is all I can think of at the moment, but I know there is more!

  • When Nate took me on my first date, I knew that we would have fun together for the rest of our lives. I was so used to the usual dinner and a movie, and then my Natey came along and totally spiced things up. Our first date consisted of riding horses down at his Aunt and Uncles house in Fairview, UT. This was right up my alley. I loved every second of it! I have to admit, there was one point where Nate took off in front of me, leaving my horse to want to chase after his. We were going through what seemed to be a forest at the time with trees EVERYWHERE! I couldn't control my horse because Nate, the butt-head, was going way to fast for my beginning self! I got a big mother slash across my neck from a tree branch and Nate had no idea that that even happened until we got back because he didn't even turn around to check on me!! You would think that this whole experience would have been a deal breaker..but I seriously really did love the whole idea behind the date. Later that night Nate took me to go "shoot the tube" for our second part of the date. You climb up one of those big underground tube things that water flows through in the city, and you put a peace of plywood at the top of the hole to block the water from coming through. Then you sit there in a line with your feet wrapped around the person in front of you until the pressure buildup from the water is so strong that it breaks the board in half. The huge amount of water comes splashing down and carries you away down to the bottom of the tube. You have to remember, we do this at night, so it's PITCH BLACK and you can't see ANYTHING!! All you hear is everyone yelling because you do not know what is happening in that big tube. It's a great time and I loved every second of it!! Natey captured my attention that very night, so it's a good thing that he is so creative because it made me stick around :) This picture is of us waiting to climb up the tube. The part of the tube you see in this picture is where you come flying out at the bottom!!

  • I love to travel. Going to new places is very intriguing to me. I love the excitement of seeing new cultures and how other people live their lives. Although I don't eat anything
    that looks or smells nasty, I do like to try different cultures food. Some of it I hate, some of it I love. Some of it looks amazing and tastes terrible. It's just all part of the experience that come withtraveling! I am a big fan of the Bachelor or Bachelorette shows. Ever since they went to Tahiti, I have been dying to go! I have always wanted to stay in a bungalow that is over the water. I think it would just be such a fun, romantic, isolated vacation! When Nate and I are graduated, I plan to go to this very picture..

  • I like bananas that have little brown spots on them. If the banana is still green, and you hear the peel snap when you open it, that's a little bit of a problem for me. I don't like them solid brown, because that's just nasty, but I need a tiny bit of brown to be present. Nothing like a ripe banana!!

  • I love to bake. I love to try new recipes. I am constantly searching up different meals and desserts to try next. One of my favorite types of books are cookbooks with pictures. I don't care for the type that don't show me what I'm trying to make..those cookbooks suck :) Nate loves this side of me because he never eats the same meal all of the time. I also think he enjoys this side of me because I let him be open and honest with everything that I make. If he doesn't like it heis allowed to voice his opinion, and if he doesn't he will eventually have to eat it again! haha. Here are one of the things I have made recently that Nate absolutely loved. They are Strawberry filled chocolate cupcakes, and he craves them all of the time now. I love pleasing my husband by small and simple things! :)

  • Penguins are my absolute favorite animal. I think they are the CUTEST things ever and if they weren't such vicious little creatures, I would definitely travel somewhere cold and get my picture with one.

  • I LOVE getting massages. It feels so good because I always have so much pressure built up back there. Whenever I get a massage, it has to be deep tissue. A lot of people complain that this hurts but I can't have them any other way. If I am getting a normal massage, with no pressure, it is more annoying to me than anything because I am just constantly thinking how good it could be if I actually had some pressure being applied.

  • I just recently got back from Mexico and had a great time with my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and cousin Flamey. :) One of my all time favorite moments was when I told Lorda to floor the car as we came to the bottom of this hill, because we get mad air off of it when we are going super fast. It was hilarious to see everyone and everything in the car get launched up and placed back down all at the same time. The next time that we were coming up to that hill, my cousin Jamer and I looked at each other and said "Launchy?" We both started laughing as Lorda revved up the machine again. This time she was going Crazy fast, and there were people in the car who didn't experience the first launchy, like my uncle Jay for instance. he had no idea what to expect and he got flown so high that his head hit the roof and he had no idea what just happened. Again, it was another great time of everyone almost peeing their pants. I love my family!

  • I am extremely proud of my husband in everything that he does. He is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. He always manages to get stuff done, plus still has time for me. He is such a smart guy. He got into the masters accounting program at BYU and it is super competitive. It is like one of the top 3 accounting schools in the nation, so of course it would be competitive. He has a great job that he works at, which pays him well. He is always busy with homework and work, but yet I never hear him complain. Even when he has his own stuff to do, he will put it off to help me if I am super stressed over anything. He is such an amazing man and I am so lucky to have him. I love you Sweetie!

Well that takes care of my first day back in the blogging world! I hope everyone enjoys, even though I just realized how long-winded of a person I can be. :)


  1. thanks for the extra push Kenny. I posted day 2. Not sure if I will have time for day 3 today..but if not I will get caught up tomorrow!! You Rock!