Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finishing Up School!

School is almost over! Nate is taking his last final tomorrow and he is sooooooooo excited! He has worked hard this fall and winter semester and he is so excited to have a nice 4 month summer break. (except for that he will be working, but not having to study for anything, or use his brain that much!) My last final is going to be taken next Thursday. I can't wait either! My semester has not been nearly as hard as Nates, but it is still going to be an excellent break for the summer. Can't wait!
Nate and I are also heading to Mexico on April 30th. That is another perk to the semester ending! We will be there for just over two weeks and can not wait. We love Mexico. My parents own a condo down there and so it is a great place to go because (a) it is beautiful and hot, and (b) it's a free place to stay for us.

We will be meeting my parents and my sister, brother in law and niece there. It will be an excellent family vacation! I love when I am able to visit with my family. We try and make our visits no more than 2-3 months apart..and that's how it has to stay. My family is so close and it is just the best time ever when we get to spend time together! I love you guys!

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